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Of the Ohio workers Elders E. Slade and J. Marietta, and. Sisters Bessie E. Wilburn Smith, who has just completed a two and one-half year's course leading to a Fellowship in the Royal Society of Surgeons at London, England, was a visitor at Mt. Vernon during the Missionary Volunteer Convention. Smith was formerly superintendent of the Philadelphia Sanitarium, Prof. Hall, having been called to Lamar, Colorado, by the death of his sister, Miss Hattie Hall, his classes in history were conducted by students last week.

Elder B. Wilkinson is attending the General Conference Council which convened at Mountain View, California, to consider important questions. Patterson of Asheville, North Carolina, entered the College as a student last week. The College of Medical Evangelists at Loma Linda, California, has at present an enrollment of sixty-four medical students and fifty-two nurses. These are 'all earnest, consecrated workers. All are workinglard. Now is the time for every church member to work for others personally. Now is the time for every member of the family, old and young, to work for friends and neighbors. With the beginning of this year, the journal will be considerably enlarged and much improved in every way. A few of the objects of the Evangelist are1. To evangelize through a Medical missionary work.

To inspire to personal effort for neighbors and friends. To help church companies to become active missionary societies. To aid the young indoing active missionary work. To be a medium of exchange between missionary workers and institutions. In short, to carry this gospel of the kingdom to all the world in this generation. Do you want to help others Try a year's subscription to the Evangelist. To those sending in subscriptions at once, the October, Novenaber, and December numbers will be sent free while they last. Send in your subscription today.

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An effort is being made to secure returns at the earliest possible date from all our conferences and missions throughout the world for use in compiling the statistical report of the denomination. To accomplish this, however, the cooperation of the officers of our churches is enlisted. If each one who has any part to act in the matter of submitting returns for our churches and companies will act promptly, the secretary of the conference will be able to make his report without delay. Unless this is done, it will be impossible to prepare the report prior to the coming session of the General Conference, which it is greatly desired to do.

Will not each one, therefore, who has anything to do in the matter of reporting information for our various churches and companies, please forward his report without delay, and thus greatly assist in the, prompt preparation of the report for Proper blanks for reporting have doubtless been furnished each church clerk for use in submitting returns, and the-se should be filled completely, and at the earliest possible date, and sent forward to the secretary of your conference. Brother Heise was united in marriage with Miss Elizabeth Kemp, three sons and two daughters being born to them Sister Heise, three sons, one daughter, sixteen grandchildren, three brothers, one sister, and many relatives and friends are left to mourn.

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When the War of Secession came he responded to Lincoln's call to service and spent three years in defense of his country. He was a member of Company B, 0. Brother Heise was a man who believed God and as long as life lasted he had confidence in his Creator. He was a member of the Columbus Seventhday Adventist church, and he will be greatly missed, but we mourn- not as those without hope. Words of comfort froni Ps.. Address all subscriptions and make all money Orders payable to your tract society.

The check mark here indicates that your subscription has expired. Kindly renew at once. Appreciated by Others The following testimony came from a lady who received copies of the Instructor under peculiar circumstances, snd who found it to be so interesting and helpful that she sent us her subscription "I am enclosing one dollar for one year's subscription to your lovely little paper for my eldest daughter, and hope to be able to have it in the home until my children are grown.

M is by far the best young people's religious paper I. You certainly, have a fine combination of common sense and the right kind of religious sentiment which seems to me is terribly missing in most of the so-called religious papers. I am not a church woman, and probably never will be; but I want and expect to bring my girls up in the fear of the Lord, nevertheless, and your paper I know will be a great -help to me.

She has never been here, so the papers are dead in this office, and that is the way I happened to see them.

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John P. Crum'Mel, at Aktert, Ohio. They ate both 'graduate nurses' trona Melrose Sarti And expect to return to Magiachtteette 1 O engage- in their chosen work. Faaiatie M Filac-Frrizi. This meeting will be held in connection with the eleventh annual 'session of the West Pennsylvania Conference, which will convene in Altoona, Pa, March , There are briers besetting every path, Which call for patient care; There is a dross in every lot, And an earnest need for prayer; But a lowly heart that leans on Thee Is happy anywhere.

The special effort which is being made in behalf of the Signs during the two weeks beginning January 20 and ending February 2, should be a large contributing factor to the success of the Harvest Ingathering Campaign of , Watch for the special announcements and program sent out for Signs Rally Day by J.

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Ferren, Circulation Manager of the Signs of the Times. General Conference Home Missionary Department. A Harvest Ingathering worker, who had set for herself a goal of to be reached in one week, writes "I had planned to reach my goal this week, but was not able to do this. You remember when you were here I told He drew a disconsolate finger across a spotless you that I was sending out Signs to the people here in pane, and stared moodily out at the driving snow.

They have read these papers, and now they are five years of summer seemed all buried in an eternal just full of questions. I have given six Bible studies winter no chance to get out-doors, and nothing to induring the week, that have lasted over two hours each. It just seemed that I could not get away from some of the "That's what you always say, Mother," he complaces.

They question mostly regarding the Sabbath plained, "when I ask you for a story. You just say, and the second coming of Christ.

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Two days during the We-ell, I can't think of any now. And I'm sick of picture books, and I truth. One man offered to have my lunch brought to me don't want that old railroad,' and there isn't anybody if I would just tell them more - hile I was eating my to play with. One of the most important business men here in His mother looked at him with troubled eyes. He the city told me that he was tired of going to church and was getting such a big boy He was no longer her baby; listening to church lectures; that there were at least and somehow he seemed to be growing out of her some people today who want truth, and he was one of ability to please and entertain him, or instruct kin.

How that number. He said he thought that the earthquake in much longer could she be his leader Five years were Japan was an object lesson to us from God, and that it few to make a man of the world. Stories, now How was now time that the churches were waking up from she did dread being asked to tell stories The few that their long slumber, if they were ever going to wake up. From this firm I received just four times the amount they gave me two years ago.

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Savouring a sunset on Chesterman Beach, browsing local fare at the Salt Spring Island Market or admiring the Chemainus Murals--it's all here--the best beach on Hornby Island and the islands' best place to stay: Vancouver Island Book of Musts is. Vancouver Island Book of Musts: The Places Every Islander MUST See [​Peter Grant] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Whether it's.

There is a lay back in her arms. Six winters to the making of a spirit of willingness to give which has not been mani- man, and summer's sunshine had somehow entered into winter's gloom, fested heretofore' 0, Mother" he cried, "I'm so glad you joned the This is an illustration of the way the Signs helps our workers in the field. It may call a halt to the rapid YMS; 'cause now when I ask you for a story, you don't pace which enthusiastic solicitors set for themselves, be- , say, 'We -ell, let me see.

I can't think of any just now.