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She moves back to her hometown and becomes a matchmaker!

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Become a member to get exclusive early access to our latest reviews too! Maud is a lonely child growing up without a mother, ruled by her repressive father. Yet there is an ingenious problem to solve in naming the murderer", he continued. He will then wrap a handkerchief around the handle of the gun and shoot himself in the head. Christiane Ritter trans. Melanie Metzenthin, trans. The city is a big and busy place for a little puppy - there are tall buildings, honking cars, and all kinds of new friends to make!

Flower also writes the Appleseed Creek Mystery Series. This series takes place in Ohio Amish country, and features a sleuth who works at a college in the computer field.

Animal Rhymes

This mystery series features Minnie Hamilton, a Michigan librarian who travels with her rescue cat, Eddie around in her bookmobile taking books to those who need them, and helping those who need mysteries solved. Room Mystery Series with Constable Kerr…. When crime strikes her quaint community, she often helps solve the case! Series includes recipes. The husband part of the writing duo is a physician, so obviously he has first-hand knowledge of the medical….

Lady Emily, the sleuth, is the young widow of a viscount in Victorian London. The series features Audry Bloom, the co-owner of a flower shop in Virginia. He writes several series…set mostly in England. I really enjoy that series. Daisy is rather unique sleuth: she homeschools her children.

She writes novels that feature magical happenings… not necessarily mysteries. Liz is surprised to find out that her mother grew up in an Amish community. Sheryl J. She writes the Dr. I read them as they were being published and missed them a lot when she stopped writing them. I am so glad she has resumed writing the Callahan Garrity mysteries. I missed the whole gang at House Mouse! Each book in the series is written by a different author. They are mysteries without profanity, and each book is written by a different author.

Hundreds of books are added to the Library's collection each month. Here are the most popular Mystery books for adults. He went to the bank same as anyone goes to the bank, and returned to his Jeep.

And Then There Were None

So when Isabel Roland, the lonely young teller who helped him, steps out of the bank on her way to lunch, Joe is on hand when two men abduct her. Joe chases them down, and the two men are arrested.

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The Nursery Rhyme Mystery (Inspector Quinn Mysteries Book 2) eBook: Una Gordon: Kindle Store. Actual the nursery rhyme mystery inspector quinn mysteries book 2 pdf ebooks. Find the nursery rhyme mystery inspector quinn mysteries book 2 immediately.

But instead of putting the drama to bed, the arrests are only the beginning of the trouble for Joe and Izzy. After posting bail, the two abductors are murdered and Izzy disappears. Pike calls on his friend, Elvis Cole, to help learn the truth. What Elvis uncovers is a twisted family story that involves corporate whistleblowing, huge amounts of cash, the Witness Relocation Program, and a long line of lies. But what of all that did Izzy know?

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Is she a perpetrator or a victim? And how far will Joe go to find out? But she has never stolen a priceless artwork--or rather, made away with the secrets hidden behind a much-coveted canvas. But Mrs. Watson is desperate to help her old friend recover those secrets and Charlotte finds herself involved in a fever-paced scheme to infiltrate a glamorous Yuletide ball where the painting is one handshake away from being sold and the secrets a bare breath from exposure. Her dear friend Lord Ingram, her sister Livia, Livia's admirer Stephen Marbleton--everyone pitches in to help and everyone has a grand time.

But nothing about this adventure is what it seems and disaster is biding time on the grounds of a glittering French chateau, waiting only for Charlotte to make a single mistake.

A Guide to Cozy Mystery (and Other Favorite) Books, Movies, and TV

In England, the romantic police pair of Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James investigate the murder of their commander, Superintendent Gilbert, a man unloved even by his wife. She knows all about how a cop builds a case bit by bit to create a clear story from the scattered pieces of evidence. Until the day her fifteen-year-old daughter, Nora, happens to ask about an aunt she'd never met.

Kate's kid sister died in the s, a wild young woman who lost control of a car and hit a tree, end of story Because once Kate begins to look, seeking to reassure Nora that it was only a senseless accident and not the suicide a small town's gossip made it, she starts to find pieces that don't fit the picture. Holes in the evidence.

Frank King, ed. Eleanor Kuhns, The Shaker Murders , Severn House a peaceful Shaker community is rocked by a series of bizarre accidents, but is there more to them than first appears? Soraya M.

And Then There Were None

Marc Levy, trans. Elizabeth McCracken, Bowlaway , Ecco three generations of an unconventional New England family own and operate a candlepin bowling alley. Mandy Mikulencak, Forgiveness Road , A John Scognamiglio Book s Mississippi — lives of three generations of women are thrown in upheaval when a dark secret is exposed. Mary Monroe, One House Over , Dafina s rural Alabama — a portrait of two very different couples, whose fast friendship is no match for shattering betrayal.

Patrice Sarath, Fog Season , Angry Robot a web of secrets and hidden identities ensnare two sisters and their family, in this historical fantasy sequel to The Sisters Mederos. Sharma Shields, The Cassandra , Henry Holt follows a woman who goes to work in a top secret WW II research facility, only to be tormented by visions of what the mission will mean for humankind.

Conclusion to Broken Kingdom series. Willow Wilson, The Bird King , Grove Press a fantastical journey set at the height of the Spanish Inquisition; a story of love vs power, religion vs faith and freedom vs safety. Guzel Yakhina, trans. Lisa C.

Ginger Gold Mysteries

Hayden, Zuleikha , Oneworld Russia — sent to a camp after the murder of her husband by communists, Zuleikha builds a new life far removed from the one she left behind. Jin Yong, trans. Alvey, Shadows of Athens , Orion first in murder mystery series set in Ancient Greece, featuring Philocles, an aspiring comic playwright. Steve Berry, The Malta Exchange , Minotaur latest entry in the Cotton Malone series involves the Knights of Malta, papal conclave, and lost documents that could change history.

Emily Brightwell, Mrs. Jeffries Delivers the Goods , Berkley latest installment in Victorian mysteries. Andrea Camilleri, trans. A portrait of the machinations of power and the difficult destiny of a local hero. Jonathan Carr, Make Me a City , Henry Holt fictional account of the story of 19 th -c Chicago, tracing its rise from frontier settlement to industrial colossus. Charles W.

Chesnutt, The Marrow of Tradition c. Ellory, Three Bullets , Orion conspiracy thriller set at time of Kennedy assassination in Jean Giono, trans. Sequel to The Walrus Mutterer. Joris-Karl Huysmans, trans. Theo Cuffe, Against Nature , Riverrun story of Jean des Esseintes, a nobleman who cuts himself off from polite society and dedicates himself to a life of decadence. Roy Jacobsen, trans.

Dinah Jefferies, The Missing Sister , Penguin s Rangoon: woman searches for baby sister who went missing 25 years earlier. Jaan Kross, trans.

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Greer Macallister, Woman 99 , Sourcebooks Landmark a historical thriller honoring the fierce women of the past, born into a world that denied them power but underestimated their strength. Sandra E. Antanas Sileika, Provisionally Yours , Biblioasis after the collapse of Czarist Russia, a former White counterintelligence office returns to his hometown in a fragment of the shattered Empire. Eric Tarloff, The Woman in Black , Rare Bird spans America in the s in its exploration of film, fame, and how well we ever really know each other. Antonin Varenne, trans.

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Guillermo Arriaga, trans. Jane Bailey, Mad Joy , Constable a tale displaced children, first love and the tragic secrets hidden behind so many respectable facades.

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Louis Bayard, Courting Mr. Lisa T. Natasha Carthew, All Rivers Run Free , Quercus a woman in a loveless marriage on the coast of Cornwall rescues a waif on the brink of death. Javier Cercas, trans. Bruce Cinnamon, The Melting Queen , NeWest mythological tale combines satire with compassion, based on the Edmonton tradition of crowning a queen when the ice breaks on the North Saskatchewan River. Elizabeth Gilbert, City of Girls , Bloomsbury summer — coming-of-age stitched across the fabric of a lost New York. Second in series.

Cyr mysteries. Victoria Hetherington, Mooncalves , Now Or Never through its tale of buried crime in rural Quebec and the mechanism of cult leadership, novel explores the unshakable hold of first love, and the warped influence of unchecked ambition and sexual obsession. Biljana Jovanovic, trans.