Jewel of the Suns Blood Destiny

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Dancing with Death. The last time I danced with death, I stepped on his toes. The Serpentine Confidential. Let me tell you a secret. The Serpent presented no temptation, simply a warning. The shallow and endless wind visits you from time to time Giving you helpful advice that comes in rhymes. Never fear the slice of life, Because it will surely help you for any future strife.

Freedom At Las. Today I lie in the ashes of my own passion, the ruins of reckless self-obsession. Flight of the Influencers. Morning Snap. Time to apply too many layers of foundation. Cover and correct your humanity.

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There are sounds and smells that remind you of days passed,. When she saw the goddess dressed in her armour and her beauty, she moaned and frowned as she sighed. Love is a complex and interesting thing It amazes us, no matter how we swing It can save you from trouble, free you from pain, But sometimes, there isn't any gain. In this case the generalisation is of a painter's skills. I, travelled amongst the jungle Searching for a rare species, Which people would call em' the blue bird.

When the Light Fades. Green mountains turn to dark silhouettes. Spring Wind. She wishes to travel around the world,Around she goes in graceful swirls,She closes her eyes. The whirpool and her sister.

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The Isles Of Tears. The Isle of Tears One thousand miles off of the coast of Paific and rear end of my imagnination. A place bourne of gloomy skies and lonely whisper wind dread salty like drops all over. It always seemed that the clock would find a way to reset. If the clock eventually stopped working.

Well , a stranger always seemed to have a watch. La Modelo La Chupacabra. Am I really a monster? I mean, I don't think I am. So why do people always Run?

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They do not actually run. What I mean is mirrors break,. Of Myriad Paths. Her home lies across Henderson port. The ships here chase the sun inlandFrom east to west and back to east,a pendulum in a grandfather clock. Each turn portends finality, butswings back to begin afresh. No dock for her eyes, just passing boats,sleepy. Dreaming of days. I have tons and tons of dream filled with happiness and joy. If I am back to my real life everything vanishes like smoke. Trying to complete my day with happiness and atlast the day ends without an answer.

Worlds Apart. By: Kiersten Warner I once walked along the sand, A beach that stretched through a magic land. On the sand there swelled a tide,. Dil Lga Rakha Tha. Uss larki ko roz dekhnay mn jo maza rakha tha. Tha Husan ka pujari wrna kya rakha tha Thukra diya kai baar aur waja sy b mazrat. Zmanay sy maloom hua koi pyar paal rakha tha It was a place always there to be found. You paint yourself like a bad Rodeo Clown. No ones ever chased a bull in a full length gown. Apollo and Hyacinthus. The man whose name was not yet a flower had heard the stories. Every lost lover reduced to a corsage left lonely on the dance floor,. The Weaker Love. My mother stands against the light.

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Cassandra Jones' nights become filled with realistic exploits of passion with a man she's barely met. It all began the night she dumped her two-timing fiancée. Cassandra Jones' nights become filled with realistic exploits of passion with a man she's barely met. It all began the night she dumped her two-timing fiancee.

Ode to the Witch at Moe's. Witch, Evil, ugly, cruel. Taco salad, nachos. It started at a young age I can't quite put my finger on My mother always told me it was rude to point But every one of my flaws would soon be pointed out. A happy lip — heals sudden —. Parsely, Sage, and Rosemary.

But what, I wonder, heals the wounds that Time inflicts? Poverty, underprivileged, deprived, and depressed.


The struggle of no warm water and your stomach tends to rumble. The Green Sand Road.

Walking through this springtime land Full of dark woods and fields Where daisies grow and lilies stand By running brooks that laugh and reel. Butterflies take flight Not knowing the havoc they cause.

YAOI - Sun's Blood : Chapter 13

I'm not sure if it's from fright Or because there are no laws. Their wings beat and beat Along the walls of their cell. My Change, Our Change. Hidden behind posters, Behind words, Behind screens. A Gentle Hold on the Past. Moonchild by Teresa Cruz Summer night drives through the town I called home. Every single street silent and dark only the light of my friend to make me feel safe. My friend, The Moon. A pair of baby socks; Pure white like snow; Soft and warm like a hug; smaller than the palms of my new parents' hands.

Free of loose strings, holes and stains; A blank page to write. Growing up. Growing Older, Feeling Younger. Many of the experiences that make us grow are uncomfortable Many of them are surely life-changing Some of them are relevations My growth experience, sure, it was painful But it made me accept the pain. When Reality Clicks In.

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Spring Cleaning. I Grow Like a Tree. Is growing up like graduation, A sudden change, an exclamation? Or is it like radioactive decay, As childhood wastes away? Whatever the case may be, What it is for you, It will not be for me,. It is time to wakeup before mom and grandma remember not up the volume to loud on the t.