In Desolate Corners, Shadows Crouch

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Whatever it is, it is very near Your Zafara runs off to get its Petpet You take a flashlight and you're set. And there it is, for a quick moment No, it darted away Your Neopet and Petpet huddle near you There is nothing for them to do.

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But it's in front of you, your torment! And it is there to stay There stands the Shadow Usul, Ready to bring fright Before she is just once again, A whisper in the night. She sewed with hands, tail and toes; And after three days, she at last arose. She grinned for a while, then after a bit She put it right on! A candle was lit To make her eyes glow, and a mit Was put o'er each paw, and kept clean of grit. Just then an officer of the law Leapt inside, and pinned her under a claw!

He had a bushy tail, and his nose was raw; He was the scariest thing the Usul ever saw. Well, I guess I'll head home, to my den. Sorry about this--I'd be mad as a wet hen. I can only promise it won't happen again. A misplaced shadow upon the ground Betrays her presence to the world; No noise issues forth, not a sound, As she walks along the cold, hard ground. Is she evil? No one can say; Perhaps she just wants a friend, Or perhaps she will lure in some unwitting prey; Perhaps her cruelty knows no end.

If you see her, do not run away; Perhaps she will just pass along, Or perhaps YOU will become her prey, Gone before the day is done. Keep your wits about you, my friend; Stay away from her claws, Or you may see the unsightly end Of the whim of the Shadow Usul's paws. Shadow Usul By Elcaballoderojo When the clock strikes twelve, All is silent, all still, But for a creeping shadow in the night. A river of darkness, flowing in a black stream, A lone sliver of murky fear, For from the night sky, the moon shines down, Casting silver rays on everything. But for the creeping shadow, Roaming, flowing, eyes glinting and glaring, Wiry thin, slinking and sly, She roams Neopia Central, but only at night.

What does she want?

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Nobody knows; In fact, all anyone knows is one thing: That she's evil. So when the clock strikes twelve, When all's silent and still, Do not be fooled, For the Shadow Usul could be waiting But waiting for what? Waiting for whom? The answer is unknown But it could be you.


Slithering out of my den, I stare upon the great, white orb, The accursed crescent blinding my path, It takes some time for me to absorb. As soon as I can see, I drift immediately into town, Trying to spot a target, That I can subtly bring to the ground. Suddenly I found my quarry, Amidst the darkness all around, You, a stranger all alone, Instantly I crouch down. Slowly I creep upon you, Your fate is sealed to me, My chops lick daintily, As I catwalk down the tree.

A glimpse of darkness catches your mind's eye, You quickly glance over your shoulder, To find yourself staring into the obscured, The air becomes slightly colder. Goosebumps crawl upon your skin, Instinct fights as it screams at you to flee, You cry out and ask, "What do you want of me? I peer out over squinted eyes, An odd sensation tugging at my heart, I sigh and say, "Go to your family," As I turn around to depart. I realized that I learned compassion, And how strong love could truly be, My morals have changed slightly since then, However, I know that love is not meant for me. Thus, shadow is my only virtue, Gliding as silently as an owl, To be with the unknown, A lone ranger on the prowl There is a soft tinkle, A laugh that is so sweet, The walk, so slow, It's full of purpose and deceit.

Shivering so softly, Put the face up to the hole, But eyes will not open For fear of the death toll.

And hand across the mouth To stifle the loud scream, For outside stands the Shadow Usul Just like a bad dream. It's hard to smother fear From the thing behind the door, When the fear that it will hurt And still do so much more. The Usul stands, so cold and dark, Its fur is up and high, It smiles and cackles far, Its mouth whispers goodbye.

A knock echoes the room, A jump from in the house, The quiet is so great You could hear a squeaking mouse. Standing so silently, Hoping so that she'll go away, Yet even so, if she leaves, She'll be back another day. She frolicked in the sunny glen Without a single care, Unknown to her, in shadow's blur The terror lurking there. It never once ocurred to her That in the black of night She would fall prey to evil's clutch, Her wildest thoughts shown right. And as the sun began to set On rolling hills of green, The Queen of Shadows waited still To further plot her scheme. Then blackest darkness fell upon The unsuspecting child.

And ready waiting in the dark, The Shadow herself smiled. And with a shriek, the girl was gone, Prey of the Shadow Usul.

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Shadow Usul By Roseinfestedsoul She was but a subtle undertone, Some say a rogue in gloom, In the faintest chime she'll strike a moan, Beautifully stalking in her room. Taking steps will overlie her stirs, Agility compresses compare, Every look is merely a blur, She is swift within her lair. Every shadow is skipping around you, Every silhouette is a mastering disguise, Now you wish you'd start this walk anew And never enter where Shadow Usul hides. The Center of Fear By Wingspurr Upon the wall, a silent shade Into the darkness it does fade Golden eyes as cold as steel Across the shadows it does steal Ebony paws, blackened pelt All pets' courage it does melt A violet collar around its neck Into the dark night it does trek Mage of air and earth alike When unexpected it does strike Ghostly body, sleek long tail When finally found it does unveil An attack of darkness, evil, malign Magic and material it does combine Elusive foe and rarely seen Light from the forest it does screen Flaming eyes of golden hue Innocent pets it does pursue Light of step and quiet creep Only in daytime it does sleep Pitch-black villain, center of fear Nighttime comes, it does draw near Black wraps around and squeezes tight The Shadow Usul is here tonight The Shadow Usul By Yaoina Neopia Central is quiet now, the night has come a-calling, the moon is lighting her thousand lamps as darkness is a-falling.

Now all the shops have locked their doors, the shopkeepers are sleeping, and in these quiet hours comes the shadow Usul creeping. You'd think her any shadow when she blends into the night, but should you see her moving she would give you quite the fright. Her tiny feet are very fast, it's almost like she's flying. Her tiny paws like drifting smoke. Her tiny voice is sighing. What does the shadow Usul want?

What is her true intent?

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What is the foul and evil deed on which her heart is bent? But is she really evil? Who was the first to judge? To what blind eyes and foolish soul should she now hold a grudge? Is she a lonely ghost perhaps, in need of someone's love? What kind of sunlight passion is she really dreaming of?

Under branches and over roots Past rustling leaves and hanging vines Walking at a steady pace That is measured and unhurried. Toward some unknown destination Without a pause or hesitation Like a river that never strays from a course With the fluid motion of a flowing stream.

Even skulking creatures of the night Move away with a flicker of fear For there along the forest floor Moves something known yet still a mystery. For though she has been seen before Any motives for the nighttime prowls Are still as murky and darkly clouded As the stagnant water of a nearby pond. A creature who is only glimpsed at night, And even then, only rarely seen She is dark as the shadowy gloom of the forest And as silent as the still cold air. If you listen closely, after she has passed You can hear the faint whisperings The Shadow Usul, she came this way!

But it matters not if they are wrong or right.

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For whatever it is, and whatever she does Wherever she goes when she walks late at night Is best left in the dark, yet unknown, In the dimmest regions of your imagination. A flash of fur, pitch black, Doesn't seem to cease. O'er the canyon, forest beyond, Without movement she waits. Under that mighty oak, Shadows await her prey, Under that mighty oak, Laughter stays away. Waiting under the oak, hiding in shadows, After endless hours In the dark, hours in the night. Taunting all her rivals, taunting She strikes at midnight.