Enigma U-Boats: Breaking the Code

Breaking Germany's Enigma Code
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He told his assembled crew that his war experience to date had proved that his methods made him indestructible, and that while he was their leader they must adopt them too. He backed up his promise to protect them by introducing training methods which, while effective, might have been described today as abusive. It was perfectly reasonable for him to insist that his crew should always be on the lookout for submarines.

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On another occasion he ordered his officers to climb out of a wardroom porthole during a gale so that they could swim around the stern of the ship and climb in through a porthole on the other side of the room. His order was only countermanded after a senior officer refused to obey his instructions on the ground that compliance would be tantamount to committing suicide.

The wardroom chef collapsed and died during one simulated exercise. His corpse was thrown into the sea. It was a miracle other men were not washed overboard whenever Petard left harbour. Thornton would turn the ship into the waves with such ferocity that they would completely cover the men dealing with securing the anchor, who had to hang on for dear life. When he was seen firing a Lewis gun at a flock of gannets, he yelled at his men that he could not bear the sight of the murderous birds who were robbing the sea of its fish.

Enigma: Why the fight to break Nazi encryption still matters

It is no surprise to find that, drilled as they were by such bullying tactics within the suffocating confines of a ship from which there was no escape, the officers and crew would go to almost any lengths to please him, or to get him off their backs. There would have been no dividend had it not been for systemic German inefficiency on their U-boats.

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And the roots of today's computer era trace back directly to the dazzling inventiveness of Turing, Flowers, and their wartime colleagues. I mean, if I sent just one message on an Enigma machine today it would still take a super Cray computer, the fastest in the world, a year to go through searching for that one message without supporting evidence as to what that message might have been. When there was a lot of excitement, the wires would be absolutely humming with Morse, they'd be transmitting all over the place. Customer Service. And we always knew we'd be attacked in this area.

According to Hermann Dethlefs, a year-old trainee officer serving on U, his German commander was not paying attention shortly after midday on 30 October when the U-boat, which was searching for convoys in the Mediterranean between Port Said, Egypt and Haifa, Palestine, was spotted near the surface from a British plane.

The U-boat commander gave the order to dive, but from that moment on, British planes and the five destroyers including Petard summoned to the spot never lost touch with the German submarine for long. The many depth charges dropped did not hit the U-boat, but the water that as a result of the explosions leaked in, led to the stern of the U-boat sinking lower than her bow.

In an attempt to rebalance the vessel, all those who could were ordered to go to the front. Two of the youngest crew members could not stop trembling. They were crying. The older men tried to calm them down, but it is hard to reassure someone when everybody realises that the next bomb might blow up the boat. Eventually, at around 10pm, the leading engineer said he could no longer balance the U-boat, and the captain ordered that it should go up to the surface. Then, as the surrounding destroyers fired at them, everyone was told to evacuate.

Last out were the engineer and his assistants.

Dethlefs only found out later that they had botched the sinking of the U-boat. They had damaged the levers that would have flooded the ballast tanks by snatching at them before the pins holding them in place were removed. Bloodlands Timothy Snyder. Secret Alliances Tony Insall.

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U-110 - The Most Important Submarine Capture

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Enigma U-Boats: Breaking the Code [Jak P. Mallmann-Showell] on ranegitpusa.gq *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After World War I, the German admirals. The story of Enigma and the breaking of the seemingly impregnable German codes during World War 2 is a fascinating one. After World War 1, the German.

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