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Rook , a bi-weekly newspaper, which appears in Ukraine, also publishes chess news. Sachinfo - Czech chess magazine on the web with reviews, downloads and so on. Schaakers Informatie - Dutch chess news, which often are updated. Schaaknieuws - chess news in Dutch.

Schach - German chess magazine with traditions. Schachmarkt , journal, which appears bimonthly. Parts of the journal may be read in PDF-format via the homepage, which is interesting and well-done. The first issue can be downloaded free from the 29th of July Schacknytt - Swedish chess magazine. The site has been reconstructed. Language: Swedish. Schweizerische Schachzeitung has a comprehensive archive with previous issues in PDF-format. Magazine with traditions - annual volumes.

Languages: German and French. Skakbladet is published by the Danish Chess Federation and appears 8 times a year. The magazine can also be read in pdf-format. Skaki - chess magazine from Greece. Language only Greece. SoloScacchi , Italian web site, that started in , substantial content with the main emphasis on chess news. Szachista - Polish chess magazine now also on the web. Tablero Catracho , that was submitted to the net on the 28th of December in , contains information about chess activity in Honduras as well as internationally.

Besides there is a section with columnists. The Guardian Sport Chess contains current background articles on chess. Associated to London Chess Center. Languages: Dutch and partly English. Well done - also in English. Wiener Zeitung has a qualified coverage of chess in both Austria and international. Extensive archive with chess chronicles. Vistula - Polish monthly chess magazine with an all-round content.

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There is also a tournament calendar in English. Main entrance! Language: Flemish. Ajedrez Actual - "the fastest international news coverage". Site in Spanish, probably located in South America. There is also a download section with electronic chess books in Spanish. Good-looking site. Ajedrez en Mexico - its goal is to inform the Mexican chess players about national chess events as well as the achievements of Mexican chess players abroad.

Ajedrezesmimundo , that is "chess is my world", has been present on the web since December The webmaster is an arbiter, but the site focuses on chess news.

  • Books by Shaun Taulbut.
  • Complex Variables and the Laplace Transform for Engineers (Dover Books on Electrical Engineering).

Ajedrez Esperanza - Argentinian site. Ajedrez Minuano is chiefly about competition chess in Uruguay. Ajedrez Mutante - site from Santiago del Estero in Argentine, which chiefly is devoted to match and tournament coverage.

Ajedrez Noticias Diarios - beautiful Spanish-speaking site, which seems to be updated daily. Ajedrez Peru - a chess portal with stress on match and tournament coverage of Peruvian chess as well as chess on an international level. There are also many games to view or download. You can download or replay games from the year and ahead. Amigos del Ajedrez - two of the strongest chess clubs in Zaragoza, Aragonia, has founded a cultural association, whose activity is reported on this website.

Lanfranco Bombenelli has many links tournaments and tournament archives from both Italy and the rest of the world. Language: Italian and English.

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Braingames reported for example about the latest WC-match between Kasparov and Kramnik, which the later astoundingly won. Brasilbase reports about chess life in Brasil, but also contains a number of links to game collections. The aim is to present the "hidden world" of Hungarian chess. Caissa es ajedrez is a chess site, that has been present on the net since Its aim is to spread knowledge about chess in general but also to report about chess news from Venezuela and from the capital, Caracas, in particular. Caissa Schachkronik contains results, tables, reports from numerous events concerning chess: world championships, tournaments, all rating lists, results from the Bundesliga, chess Olympiads, correspondence chess and everything that goes with it.

Carevchess is also a Brasilian site, which is devoted to tournament coverage. Languages: Portuguese and English. Chathurangam covers Indian chess. ChessBase Events informs about the most important tournaments. ChessBomb - here you can watch tournaments online, together with real-time computer analysis. Some games are commented and the site has an on-line chat facility.

Chess-Box - well-done Peruvian site, mainly devoted to tournament coverage.

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Chess by Egis - despite the name the site is located in Lithuania and uses only Lithuanian and reports chiefly about tournament results. Chess FM also covers chess events via radio transmissions. Chessgate das Internet - a German chess portal with primarily match- and tournament coverage. Nice site. ChessMate - Indian E-zine for chess. Chessnia delivers short news about matches and tournaments.

Chess News Blog - Chinese blog, that foremost is dedicated to tournament coverage.

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China has developed as a chess nation the last few years and has now players ranked among the 20 best in the world, especially among women. Chess Siberia reports about about tournaments and matches from a Siberian horizon.

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  • Chess Magazine - May Going Places;

Chess Ukraine - its goal is match and tournament coverage. Tastefully designed site. Languages: Russian and Ukrainian.

ChessVibes reports among other things from the Premier League of the Dutch competition with many video reports. Languages: Dutch and English. Competitiile Noastre de Sah - Romanian site, which focuses on chess competition. Echecs International with match- and tournament coverage, calender, games to download and so on. His site is a rich source of chess news. Hellas Chess Club - Greek chess portal with main direction to match- and tournament coverage. HiperChess - this homepage by Herman Claudius from Brazil is chiefly devoted to tournament coverage.

There are also games to download. The site is "under serious re-construction" January Italiascacchi reports about match and tournament activity in Italy. Live Chess online - live chess annotations by GM Sergey Shipov, but also comprehensive coverage of matches and tournaments. Lost Boys Chess Page , a Dutch site, which covers tournaments and matches.

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There are also links to the Max Euwe Center, a chess museum with a large library, and the Dutch chess federation. Lovac na Damu - Croatian site. Kasparov vs The World - if you have not studied this famous match…. Madrid Mueve - a publication for the chess players in Madrid. Nuestro Ajedrez Uruguay - new website from Uruguay, which covers both domestic and international chess.

Orinoco Chess Web - Venezuelan site, which above all is devoted to match- and tournament coverage. Partidas Ajedrez Comentadas contains the latest chess news with commented games, which can be replayed by a game viewer. Language: Icelandic. Rusbase is a project, which intends to report about all tournaments in Russia. The games from these tournaments may be downloaded. Schach-Aktuell with daily reports and news about international tournaments and the Bundesliga. You can replay important games directly on the website.

Schach-Ticker - German site, above all devoted to match and tournament coverage, but which also contains a little of everything. Schach-Total reports foremost about chess life in Luxembourg with surroundings, but also about international chess.